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About Bulldog Solution Inc.

Bulldog Solution’s assemblies are interactive, fun, and engaging. Using a series of activities, videos, role-plays, and games, students learn more about bullying, cyberbullying, kindness, diversity, and teamwork. Bulldog customizes each assembly to fit the school’s goals, grade levels, and challenges. Bulldog runs assemblies from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Assembly Topics:

  • Bullying Awareness and Prevention
  • Cyberbullying and Digital Safety
  • Social Media and Digital Citizenship
  • Social Emotional Learning: Building Leaders for Tomorrow
  • Diversity and Acceptance: We all Belong
  • Peace Over Drama
  • Kindness and Compassion
  • Team Building

“I love that Bulldog brings students together who might never find a reason to interact otherwise and by the end of the day a bond has been formed.”  – Eileen Donovitch, Dean of Students Reavis High School

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Bulldog Solution provides assemblies, professional development training, student programs, and parent workshops. We focus on bullying, cyberbullying, social-emotional learning (SEL), internet & digital safety, and kindness & compassion.

Our programs are customized to fit the needs of your school. In our data collection, we have found that 74% of students improved their behaviors and increased their social-emotional learning (SEL) skills from working with Bulldog Solution. Our programs are designed from Kindergarten to 12th grade. We also provide speaking engagements for colleges and universities focused on sexual harassment, bullying, cyberbullying, hazing, peer pressure, and leadership.

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